Growing up, my mom took care of my sister, myself, and my 2 cousins. In trying to keep the sanity of dealing with 4 kids all the time, she would often keep us occupied with crafts. Here I am, 25 years old and still looking forward to craft days with my mom.
Today, we worked on a super easy Valentine’s Day craft. I never realized until recently just how CHEESY Valentine’s Day décor really is! It seems like it is all either for little kids or super generic like teddy bears and what not. With this rustic heart garland, it can turn your Valentine’s day décor from tacky to rustic. Not to mention, this could be the perfect opportunity to get crafty with your kids.

 First of all you will need the following supplies:

Follow the steps below:

  1. Gather all supplies
  2. Make a your heart shaped cut out using the cardboard. After that, using your first cut out trace out as many hearts as you want.
  3. Poke a whole in the middle of the heart cutout. Fish one end of the yarn through the middle with about 2-3" hanging out if the back.
  4. After wrap the yarn in multiple different directions until you can no longer see the cardboard.
  5. Repeat for as many hearts as you desire
  6. Next, Using the twine or yarn, string all of the hearts on with as much spacing as you desire.
  7. Hang your new rustic Valentine’s garland. Enjoy!

If you give this craft a try, tag me @ Dream Gypsies.
I would love to see it in your space!

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