Meet Whitney: The Original Dream Gypsy

Hi ya’ll. My name is Whitney! You know, the one that started this whole Dream Gypsies thing…
 Dream Gypsies is an all in one place to find inspiration and shop eclectic products for all the things I love- particularly anything for the home, fashion, beauty, and simple living from my once small hometown of St. Cloud, FL. 
God sure blessed me with a very close family, the most amazing parents, and my best friend, aka my little sister. Not to mention, I now have some new added amazing family members thanks to my hubby as of March 2018! Over time they will become family to you too! 
In March of 2018 I gained a new last name! God blessed me with this hard to handle, rebellious boy 9 years ago. In time, he became the hardworking, passionate, wittiest, loving man I knew that was perfect for me. I will give you a sneak peek into our lives as newlyweds and how we are taking the world on together, one day at a time.
When I am not here, blogging away, you can find me at my 9-5 job working on the buying team in the bathing suit industry, working with my husband to make our house into a home, or my favorite of all things- taking care of my animals. I am lucky enough to have a barn and home full of animals! I've ridden horses since I was 8 years old and I don't ever see that changing. For all of my horsey friends, I ride the discipline of Dressage but have dabbled in just about every discipline a little here and there. I am excited to blend the worlds of my blog and home life together.
I hope you stick around to get to know me and my world a little more! 
XOXO Dreamers,

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