Wrapping presents has been something I have always dreaded and usually ends up with me wrapping 5000 presents at the 11 o’clock hour . Now, before anymore judgment is passed- I will admit that I always have the best of intentions- wrapping everything early and making each present unique and individual for each person. Well this year- I have finally made it happen! As presents have been delivered, Topher and I have made it a goal to wrap as we go and get Christmas shopping done and out of the way as quickly as possible. Topher wraps and then I figure out a way to get creative by adding ribbons, tags, and embellishments. 


Below, with the help of my mom, we have wrapped up some tips and ideas for you to try on your own as you wrap up Christmas!

  1. Natural elements are ALWAYS a go to for anything and everything in my book. Pinecones, greenery, and twine will always remain a classic look.
  2. When in doubt, plaid it out. Plaid is a perfect Christmas-y touch that will never go out of style.
  3. ‘Tis the season to be BRIGHT! Add some unique bright neon touches for that super lively, optimistic one you know.
  4. If you skim Pinterest you realize just how handy Kraft paper can be for any craft, any season. The best part about Kraft paper is you can get it from the Dollar Store- yes, you heard that right! One way to jazz up kraft paper is by using stamps. Growing up, my mom would always break out the stamps for us to make Christmas cards for the family and now I am so excited to break them out yet again.
  5. Festive bulbs, bells, and little bobbles are great additions for your gifts without breaking the bank. You can find all of these little extras at Dollar Tree, Walmart, or even just around your house! Get creative!

I hope that I have not only motivated you to get wrapping right away but have also inspired you to get creative so that all of your family and friends ooh and awe over it before they even open their gift!

Happy Holidays! 

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